ReactNext.jsExpress.js is a showcase project built to experiment with a number of technologies and to get feedback from the open source community.

The platform replicates the experience of a simple flight search engine, such as Skyscanner or Momondo, but it is built using modern web technologies.

Some key features of the project:

  • The frontend experience is built with Next.js (React) and the backend is built using Express.js (plus Passport for authentication)
  • We experimented using Recoil, which I have to say is very straightforward although it lacks the opportunity to initialize values from server (we ended-up double wrapping our Component in _app.js to initialize them via useEffect() hook). If you know of a better way to do so, we are here to chat with the community ;)
  • Deployment is fully automated through Github actions to our webserver. If you are looking to deploy something like that on your own server look at the workflow files, there are some secrets you should configure (feel free to DM us if you need help with that)

You can read more about or try out the website using the links below 👇.