Blinkmilano is an online grocery delivery service. We worked on the platform with the folks at Blink Last Mile, a last mile logistics Italian startup.

During the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, Blinkmilano fulfilled over 200 orders in just 12 weeks, providing a tangible service to help communities in Milan, the capital of Lombardy. These results led Blinkmilano to be featured on Milan Municipality's website and on La Repubblica, Italy's largest newspaper by print volumes. We worked on the technical implementation of the project:

  • The backend of the platform was coded in Django, with a custom routing system that allowed to assign customer orders to individual stores adhering to the service
  • The admin dashboards and management systems, as well as the picking app, were built in Django using custom HTML/JS/CSS views
  • The frontend of the customer application was built using React and Next.js.

While Blinkmilano is gradually being discontinued, it remains a testament to the positive societal change that can be brought about through tech-rooted and web-centric innovation.